Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Spokane Comicsmiths' Guild was a loosely organized group of artists, writers & creators from Spokane and the surrounding "Inland Empire" area. The Guild was formed soon after the 2008 24 Hour Comic Book Day Challenge, as an opportunity to regularly get together, socialize, and talk about comics and the creative process.

As a group, the Guild was responsible for continuing the 24 Hour Challenge in Spokane, numerous other events and workshops, and producing 2 anthology comics. And, most importantly, it has led to many friendships and creative partnerships which continue to this day.

While the individual members have continued to produce work and interact, both socially and professionally, the organized Guild group hasn't been active for some time. In light of this, we decided there was no longer a need to keep the "official" Guild sites up and running.

This site will remain as-is for the time being, but will no longer be updated; please note that the "" domain name will no longer be active as of the middle of this month, so will not re-direct to the site.

We would like to extend our thanks to all those who helped and supported the Guild during it's existence. If you are interested in seeing what the individual creators associated with the Guild are doing now, you can check out this page of links to their personal sites: