Thursday, October 8, 2009

24 Hour Comic Wrap-Up

A big thanks to everyone that came out and supported the 3rd year of this event! It was our biggest turn out yet. By mid-afternoon, we had 24 people participating.

Thank you to our sponsors - without you guys we would not have had:

1. A place for the event
2. Supplies on hand
3. Full bellies and caffeine buzzes
4. Prizes to give away

Speaking of the prizes, you can come down and pick up your raffle prizes at Merlyn's on the 18th. Why the 18th you ask? Because that is the next meeting for the Comicsmiths' Guild! The Guild was spawned out of last year's 24hr challenge, and meets every 3rd Sunday at Merlyns from 3-6 pm.

We do a lot more than just hangout and talk shop. If you've caught us at different store functions or conventions, and wondered how are they doing that and can I get in on the action, come down to the meetings and learn how. All artists and writers are welcome.

There were a lot of pictures taken over the 24 hours of the challenge - they're up on members' Facebook pages, and we'll be re-posting a bunch of them on our deviantArt page as well. Several members have already posted up their 24 Hour Comics - they're posted below and we'll be adding links to them here as more become available. If you participated and your comic is posted on-line, please send us a link!

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