Monday, January 25, 2010

Upcoming Guild Events! - Edit: ECCC Locations

Here are some more details about the next couple of events which the Guild will be involved with.

Local Artists Sketch Day

This Wednesday, the 27th, the Spokane Community College will be hosting their Local Artists Sketch Day at the SCC Lair Student Center. Four members of the Guild will be participating:
  • Jesse Acosta
  • Nathan O'Brien
  • Peter Foglesong
  • Zephan Osiris
Artists will be drawing sketches for students from Noon to 2 pm, so be sure to stop by, see some local Spokane artists, pick up a sketch and meet the Guild!

Emerald City ComiCon

The Emerald City ComiCon will be held in Seattle over the weekend of March 13th and 14th, and the Comicsmiths' Guild will be well represented there. The Guild will have a space in Artist Alley, and members will be selling comics, prints and original artwork. Artists will also be available for sketch commissions. Six members will be at the official Guild table throughout the weekend:
  • Jay Gunter
  • Jesse Acosta
  • Matt Nelson
  • Peter Foglesong
  • Rachel Green
  • Zephan Osiris
In addition to the above six "official" Guild representatives, other members of the Guild will also be at the convention:

• Erik Thompson can be found at the Micro Brew Comics booth.

• Lars Brown will be at the Oni Press booth.

• Levi Skeen and Nathan O'Brien will be in Artist Alley, with the other members of The Sketch Crew.

We'll have more information as the convention grows closer, including specifics on what merchandise will be available at the Guild table.

Edit! - ECCC have just released the locations of everyone's tables and booths, and the Guild will be easy to find, right up at the front of the Artist Alley section: A-16/17.

And conveniently enough, we'll also be right next to The Sketch Crew, who are located at A-18/19/20.

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NPH said...

Hey guys, I have a friend here in Spokane that is looking for a ride to and from Seattle for ECCC. He's got a place to stay once he gets there but no car. He also told me he'd be willing to pay $50 for gas.

I don't know what your guys situation is but I thought I'd ask. My car is full.