Monday, March 21, 2011

Guild Sketches - Nightcrawler

Every month at our regular meetings, we pick 4 characters or subjects to draw - this is just a fun exercise to stretch our creative muscles, and see everyone's interpretations of the different topics.

Since most of our members are on deviantArt, we usually end up posting them there, where they can be seen at our dA Group. But since it'd obviously be a good idea to showcase them here as well, we'll start playing catch-up over the next few days, posting up some of the old Guild "sketches" that haven't been seen here yet. Starting with the X-Men's furry blue elf, Nightcrawler...

Amanda Robinson

Peter Foglesong

Jesse Acosta

Matt Nelson

Jeremy Whittington

Erik Thompson

Willow Tomeo

Josh Montreuil

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