Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Guild Sketches - Green Lantern

Continuing to play catch-up with more weekly sketch subjects from Guild members, here are a few members of the greatest space-cops in the universe, the Green Lantern Corps! For this selection each person picked a character (sometimes more than one) to draw, and then sent the pencils to our resident inker Levi Skeen, who built a montage of them all and is now in the process of inking the big collaborative pic. We'll be sure to post it up here when it's complete, and until then...

Arisia, Soranik Natu & Tomar Tu by Jeremy Whittington

Guy Gardner by Nathan O'Brien

Kyle Rayner by Josh Montreuil

Rot Lop Fan by Zephan Osiris

Ch'P by Peter Foglesong

Hal Jordan by Joshua Covey

Jade by Matt Nelson

Alan Scott by Jesse Acosta

John Stewart by Erik Thompson

A reminder that you can see more art by Guild members at the deviantArt website - both at our deviantArt Group and at the members' individual pages. You can find the links to all of these on the left side of this site.

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