Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Catbeard the Pirate Book One!

This is the fundraising campaign for Guild member Matt Nelson's first print collection of his webcomic, about the adventures of a pirate cursed with a living cat for a beard. Yes, it really is as awesome as it sounds. :)

Just $15 gets you a signed copy of the book, and helps support an independent comic creator (and pretty dang cool guy). There's also bonuses, like sketches and original comic art, available for additional contributions - you can even be a part of Catbeard's crew!

The book has a lot of bonus material, including a new story not released on-line and a ton of awesome pin-ups by indy creators, including a fair number by other Guild members. Matt will be at the upcoming Spokane ComiCon on May 19th - he should have copies of the book, at least a limited run, available for purchase there.

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