Monday, May 10, 2010

Free Comic Book Day (Lightning Comics) Wrap-up by Matt Nelson!

First of all, big shout out to Tim at Lightning Comics. He made the day a truly enjoyable experience for all, including really good chairs for all the artists. I didn't get numb-butt the whole time I was there. Then he brought COFFEE (insert heavenly chorus here). He also provided lunch for the guys.

From left to right, artists' perspective, we had Mighty Inker Levi Skeen, Mike "The Native American Ninja" Lail, me, Peter "Fight City" Foglesong, and newcomer (to our circle of nerds, anyway) Josh "Seriously, why isn't this guy drawing a book? I'd buy it" Covey.

Great times were had by all, I think, and it was busy from the get-go. We barely had time to breathe. It was nice to do a wide variety of sketches this time, as opposed to the first FCBD event I did, which was about 95% Star Wars characters. Not that I mind drawing Yoda, but it gets a little old.

Afterward we all browsed the comic freebies and exchanged various methods of contact, and then it was another Job Well Done, Lads, and drove home. Man I was exhausted though.

Can't wait for the next big event, which of course is the Spokane Comicon! Only five Washingtons gets you in the door for a conglomeration of geek awesome! Seriously, how can you say no? Take the kids and spend all the rest of that extra cash that you would have spent on an hour-and-a-half of forgettable 3D viewing on some things that'll create lasting memories. And help pay my bills. Ah-ha.



Andrew said...

Good to hear the FCBD event went well; can't wait for Comicon!

Some guy I know said...

Me too! I'm pretty jazzed/