Friday, August 27, 2010

24 Hour Comic Day is Coming! Oct. 2nd 2010

Can you draw 24 pages in 24 hours? 24 Hour Comics Day is a nation wide event, and we are fortunate enough that Merlyn's is hosting a location for Spokane for it's FOURTH YEAR! This is a big event for artists and comic fans alike! Come down and what you can draw and how long you can last. Prizes, food, activities, a piƱata, cake, art supplies, raffles, movies, and more! All ages and skill levels welcome!

Saturday, October 2nd - 3rd, 10am - 10am. Merlyn's Comics and Games. W 17 Main St. Spokane, Washington.

Our facebook event page:
The official 24hr Comics Day website:

Photos from last year to entice you!

Last year's poster

about 9:45am, right before the big event!

Artists working away!

Even kids are joining in on the fun!

Many of the awesome prizes from last year. Comics, art supplies, paper, shirts, and more!

Our yummy cake donated by Yoke's Fresh Market! Thanks again!

Zephan Osiris and Nathan O'Brien, founder of Spokane ComiCon!

The Last Supper

Concentrate Peter, you only have 12 hours left!!!!

That page looks blank! Work harder!!!

Conventions aren't happening in the fall, so this is a perfect time for comic and art fans to have fun and get their comic fix! Come down, and of course you can always email the guild if you have any questions:

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