Thursday, September 9, 2010

Upcoming Events

A few updates to let you know where we'll be in the next month...

- This Saturday, the 11th, is the Sustainable September Main Street Fair. Members of the Guild will be set up outside of Merlyns drawing sketches for kids. The Fair runs from 1-6 pm.

- The next Guild meeting is on September 19th, at Merlyns at 3 pm. We'll be mainly discussing plans for the upcoming 24 Hour Comic Book Challenge.

- September 25th is the Jet City Comic Show in Seattle, and a few Guild members will be there individually. Nathan O'Brien will be in Artist Alley, Levi Skeen will be at the Strange Aeons booth alongside frequent collaborator and friend to the Guild Ben "1314" Hansen, and Erik Thompson will be at the Micro Brew Comics booth.

- The 24 Hour Challenge starts on October 2nd at 10 am and runs until the following morning. It'll be hosted at Merlyns, and everyone is welcome. More information about the event is available at the official 24 Hour Comic Site and we also have a Facebook Event Page.

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